​Send Birthday Cards!

Posted by Jeni ❤️ on Feb 21st 2019

Your birthday is all about YOU! It comes only once a year! If you're like me, you celebrate "birthday week," because if you have a reason to celebrate your life, DO IT TO THE FULLEST! The more days, t … read more

Send a Thank You Note after a Job Interview

Posted by Jeni ❤️ on Feb 14th 2019

Make a good impression with your future employer, and send a thank you note after the job interview. Not only does it let them know that you're grateful for their time, but it shows that you're wil … read more

Nerd Alert! Stationery Facts.

Posted by Jeni ❤️ on Feb 6th 2019

Stationery Fact: The abbreviation "P.S." represents the Latin phrase "Post Scriptum," and refers to "that which comes after the writing," such as the main body of a letter. It's often an afterth … read more

Happy 11th Birthday Stitched Cards!

Posted by Jeni ❤️ on Jan 31st 2019

For our eleventh birthday, we got you something special! We put together a new and improved site just for you, making it easier to navigate through our store on any device. You'll find new and ex … read more