​Send Birthday Cards!

​Send Birthday Cards!

Posted by Jeni ❤️ on Oct 10th 2020

Your birthday is all about YOU! It comes only once a year! If you're like me, you celebrate "birthday week," because if you have a reason to celebrate your life, DO IT TO THE FULLEST! The more days, the more joy and love. And that goes for your friends and family too, they also love to be celebrated. Excitement is best shared, so make it a big deal. 

Send a birthday card, it's a piece of cake (HAR HAR HAR). Hand-write a personal message inside the card, even if it already has a pre-printed message to go with the cover art. Share memories. Keep it lighthearted and add a joke. Make it sappy, and tell them how much they mean to you. It depends on the person what sort of message you include, just make it PERSONAL. Pop a gift card in for an added surprise.

Hand-address the envelope.

Mail one week before the recipient's birthday. Two weeks if it's going to another country. 

If you know the card will arrive late, apologize for the delay. Even a belated birthday card is appreciated - just think about opening your mailbox and getting a little surprise to extend birthday week. Still feels good!