Good Mail

Posted by Jeni ❤️ on Oct 1st 2021

One thing I'm sure most people can agree on (post 2020, what?) is that it's a real boost to get good mail in our mailboxes. Not ads. Not bills. Not someone trying to reach us about our extended warranty. NO. Something that shows up that feels good and asks no more from us than to share a genuine connection. I don't need to tell you that my favorite good mail is the kind that comes in paper form, in an envelope, with a stamp, and with the printing from the postal service showing it made its journey to me. Good mail comes via email too, let's just face facts. And post-it love notes, maybe the best kind of good mail.

Well, I decided that I want to give my customers some good mail whenever they visit the Stitched Cards "mailbox," which is what I'll call visiting my site and browsing my products. So if you're looking around for a card or gift, in each description you'll find GOOD MAIL from Stitched Cards. It's a little thing that's free, and is my gift to you of feel good thoughts about life and what's important to me. Sometimes my day is made better by something I read or hear in a podcast from a really good writer whose philosophies make life feel better. We all need A LOT of that right now (post 2020, boy howdy)! There is positive energy and magic in all of us, and we have the power to assert it and share it. So I will share my magic with you in the form of GOOD MAIL. I hope you enjoy it--maybe even make a chain letter out of it. Today is the day to make things better.